Volume 10 Issue 2Cover of HWI journal showing a sage-grouse hen

 Fall 2016


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Letter from the Editor   
Michael R. Conover

 In the News  
Jason Matthews and Joe N. Caudell


Special Topic: Sage-grouse

Elizabeth K. Orning and Julie K. Young
Brian R. Wing and Terry A. Messmer
Erica P. Hansen, A. Cheyenne Stewart, and S. Nicole Frey
Casey J. Cardinal and Terry A. Messmer
Steven L. Petersen, B. Kirk Nicholes, S. Nicole Frey, Kevin M. Heaton, and Dennis L. Eggett
Michael R. Conover and Anthony J. Roberts

Other Peer-Reviewed Articles

Joe N. Caudell, Emily Dowell, and Katelyn Welch
Bogdan Cristescu, Gordon B. Stenhouse, Bernie Goski, and Mark S. Boyce
Wesley E. Smith, Peter J. Pekins, Andrew A. Timmins, and Benjamin Kilham
Blake E. McCann, William Whitworth, and Robert A. Newman

Lack of human awareness and the need for increased public education regarding the zoonotic parasite, Baylisascaris procyonis  
Jacob L. Ogdee, Scott E. Henke, and David B. Wester    

An analysis of human–black bear conflict in Utah  
Julie A. Miller, Tom S. Smith,  Janene Auger, Hal Black, and Loreen Allphin    

Thomas W. Seamans, Bradley F. Blackwell, and Kimberly E. Linnell 

Awards and Scholarships   

Berryman Institute Undergraduate Scholarships