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Berryman Institute – Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

The Berryman Institute is an international organization named after Jack H. Berryman in honor of his distinguished career in wildlife management. We are housed in the Department of Wildlands Resources, Quinney College of Natural Resources, Utah State University, Logan, Utah.

The Berryman Institute is dedicated to enhancing human-wildlife relationships by better managing human-wildlife conflicts through research, education, extension, and outreach. The Berryman Institute works cooperatively with federal, state, and private partners to identify and support research needs evaluating strategies to better manage human-wildlife conflicts. The Berryman Institute publishes Human-Wildlife Interactions - the only peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the science of human-wildlife conflict management.

The Berryman seeks to contribute to the developmental and management needs of the wildlife damage management professional, private landowner, graduate, and undergraduate students.  We specialize in engaging with communities, private landowners, and individuals as well as federal, state, and non-profit organizations to develop, implement, evaluate, and communicate innovative science-based solutions human-wildlife conflicts. These conflicts range from the management of damage caused by wildlife, invasive, and feral species to the conservation and management of native species and their habitats.

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The Wildlife Society 2018 Annual meeting in Cleveland, OH, October 7 to 11.




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